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Dedicated Georgia attorney seeks positive outcomes for personal injury victims

Personal injuries can cause both severe physical pain and serious financial stress. A skilled attorney can help to reduce your stress by fighting to get you compensation for your damages. At Graham Law, LLC in Macon, I work tirelessly toward fair outcomes for clients throughout Georgia who are injured in motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice cases and premises liability incidents. If a loved one tragically died, you can count on me to handle your wrongful death claim with diligence and sensitivity.

Navigating motor vehicle accident claims from auto, truck and bike crashes

If you’ve been injured in an auto, truck or bicycle crash, the at-fault driver’s insurance is responsible for paying your damages. Georgia follows modified comparative negligence rules, which means that even if you are found to be 49% or below at fault, you may still recover damages, which will be reduced by the percentage you were at fault. For example, if your damages are $10,000 and you were 20% at fault, your recovery would be reduced by $2,000. My firm can assist you in negotiating with insurance companies after a crash to receive a fair settlement.

Understanding the difference between medical mistakes and medical malpractice

Sometimes mistakes happen in healthcare settings and people are injured. These mistakes aren’t always instances of medical malpractice, however. For medical malpractice to have occurred, you must prove that the doctor or other medical professional deviated from the accepted standard of medical care. My firm will review the facts of your injury to discover whether you may have been a victim of medical malpractice. If so, I’ll help you hold the negligent person or entity responsible.

Bringing a dog bite, slip and fall, or other premises liability claim

You’ve been bitten by a dog or slipped and fell on someone’s property. What recourse do you have? In dog bite cases, you must show that the animal was vicious or dangerous and that the owner failed to keep it adequately confined. Slip and fall accident liability depends upon showing that the landowner failed to exercise ordinary care in keeping the premises and approaches safe. I work diligently with clients to look at evidence in these cases to prove liability and win compensation. 

Seeking justice in wrongful death cases

Wrongful death claims can be brought by certain survivors of deceased negligent accident victims. In Georgia, these survivors include spouses and children, or if there are no surviving spouses or children, parents or appointed representatives of the deceased. Wrongful death lawsuits can recover financial losses suffered by the deceased as well as damages to the survivors, such as loss of support and companionship. I work compassionately with clients who have lost family members in negligent accidents in bringing wrongful death claims.

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If you’ve been injured due to negligence, Graham Law, LLC in Macon, Georgia can help you get the compensation you deserve. I help to resolve personal injury cases for clients throughout the state. Please call 478-200-2231 or contact me online to schedule a free consultation.